The Happy Lawyer 2019 Planners are here!

Hello! Remember how I was planning a 2019 planner? Well, that is now a goal for next year but until then here is a collection of my “Happy Lawyer” 2019 planners. You are welcome to purchase them individually or in packs. 

Happy Lawyer To Do List 2019 Image

Daily Planner


100 page A4 daily note pad.

7am-7pm time slots to help you map and better plan your day! 

“Eat That Frog!” For planning your daily top 3 goals. 

“Dive in the Pond!” Note space to map your to-do list. 

“And For Tomorrow!” Note space for all those extra to-do’s.


Weekly Planner


100 page A4 note weekly note pad.

Daily note space to map your to-do list for the week ahead. 


Yearly Planner


A2 yearly wall planner to plan your 2019.

300 gsm uncoated laser paper. 

All the days of January through to December in 2019. 

Space for you to note down some seasonal goals and record a few of those ‘happy lawyer’ moments. 

Monthly inspirational quotes and words of encouragement!


Planner Packs

AND just in case you were after steak knives with that, don’t despair we have “Planner Packs” to spruce up your office wall, desk (or kitchen!) too! 

Solo Planner

Starting From
$ 14
  • Single Planner

Duo Pack #1

$ 24
  • 2019 Daily Planner
  • 2019 Weekly Planner

Duo Pack #2

$ $29
  • 2019 Daily or Weekly Planner
  • 2019 Yearly Planner

The Whole Caboodle

$ 39
  • 2019 Daily Planner
  • 2019 Weekly Planner
  • 2019 Yearly Planner

* All planners will be sent out to you the week of Dec 1 2018. Just in the nick of time for your Christmas gifts and the New Year!